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Victoria Hett, professional canadian enduro racer, British-Colombia.
I raced with it at the Desert 100 race and I really like it! Waaay better than stock!


Kevin Burnet, Rally Connex, Tyrone, Ontario
These clutch levers are incredible. I keep moving it from bike to bike. It really does work great."


Jeff Dufour, Duroy KTM, St-Constant, Québec
"After having tried the Janotech lever I immediatly adopted it. The natural and comfortable position help a lot in races with difficult terrain. I strongly recommend it."


Tom Irwin, Irwin Supply, Cornwall, Ontario
"I really like the Janotech clutch lever. It allows me to hold on to the bars better (two fingers at all times). It's especially noticeable when you are tired (after several hours of riding). Easier to ride in rough conditions and also reduced arm pump. Very pleased."


Dominique Lemaire, Touratech Canada, Bromont, Québec
"Once I tried the Janotech clutch lever on my KTM 300XC, impossible to ride without it since. It's obvious that this product has been designed by a serious rider."


Mike Marcoux, off-road racer, St-Jean-Baptiste, Québec
"It has been a few years that I'm using the Janotech clutch lever and this lever simply changed my way of riding enduro. It's like day and night, especially on hard core terrain. With the this leve,r I never injure my fingers anymore and I keep full control of the bike in extreme conditions. Wether it's a hard core hill or a high speed endurocross like a GNCC, it becomes much easier to ride. I have one on my BETA 250 RR, one on my KTM 530 EXC and I am waiting impatiently for the KTM 950 ADV version."


Gilles Buissière, off-raod racer, St-Bruno, Québec
"It may seem banal for some, but with the number of time that the clutch lever is used in the woods, it must be comfortable. The ergonomy of the Janotech clutch lever with the curve at the extremity gives you comfort,  much better grip and makes it easier to use. It gives much more precision and control when necessary. In enduro it's a big plus.

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