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The new Janotech ergonomic clutch lever for adventure motorcycles provides a perfect grip and absolute comfort. This innovative design prevents the lever from squeezing fingers even when it is activated to it’s maximum.

In off-road, the two finger grip ease manipulation of the lever while keeping a solid grip on the handlebar. Originally developed for enduro and trail riding, the concept naturally evolved towards adventure motorcycling. Dual-sport motorcyclists and adventure riders will have a pleasure to ride in rough terrain using the Janotech ergonomic clutch lever.
(patent pending)

Advantages :

- More confortable and ergonomic than a conventional lever, the Janotech clutch lever is designed and made to fit the activating fingers perfectly.

- In off-road riding, the use of a conventional lever tend to squeeze the fingers holding the handle bar. The Janotech lever eliminate this often painful situation.

- The rider can keep a full grip on the handle bar while holding the clutch lever compressed. This facilitate riding in very difficult terrain.

- There is no restriction on the Janotech lever movement. It can be squeezed until touching the handle bar since there is never any fingers behind it.

- In case of a fall, the fingers don
t risk to get caught between the lever and the handle bar.

Available for BMW 1200GS (up to 2012), BMW 800GS, BMW 700GS and BMW 650GS dual cylinder. Soon available for BMW 1200GS (2013+), BMW 650GS mono and KTM adventures.


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